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Almond Breeze SA launch 07/31/15

You can now buy Almond Breeze almond milk in major retailers across SA for R34.95

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This week I attended the launch of Almond Breeze in South Africa. This popular American range of almond milk is a low-calorie, lactose free dairy alternative.

There will be two options available in store: Unsweetened and Original. Personally, I much prefer the unsweetened version – it has a mild nutty flavour and tastes good even on its own.

At the launch, there were a number of dishes prepared using Almond Breeze. I was particularly impressed with the Bircher’s muesli.


The delicious almond milk muesli

Also on offer was the Almond Breeze Barista Blend. While this won’t be available in retailers, it will be stocked in coffee shops. Look out for it immediately in the Cove group of restaurants, including La Belle in Camps Bay (which was the venue for the launch). The cappuccino was frothy and tasted like… coffee. I am not usually a fan of dairy alternatives in coffee and generally would rather opt for black coffee. The barista blend however, is well worth trying out. The idea is that it will be rolled out in coffee shops across the country.


Barista Blend cappuccino


The Barista Blend will not be available through traditional retailers, but will be in coffee shops.

“Almond Breeze has been the leading almond milk in the United States for over a decade, offering a high quality and healthy alternative to milk. Over the past few years we have successfully launched in a number of markets around the world and we are excited to launch in South Africa, addressing the increasing demand for an alternative to dairy in the country.” – Brendan Binder, Global Director of Almond Breeze.

Interestingly, Almond Breeze will be locally manufactured in South Africa by Good Hope International beverages. It is GMO free, has no additives, MSG or preservatives.

Almond Breeze Original and Unsweetened are available in a 1L Tetra Pak and will retail in leading supermarkets around the country for a recommended selling price of R34.95.

Find out more about Almond Breeze on, @AlmondBreezeSA and facebook/AlmondBreezeSouthAfrica


Almond Breeze will be locally manufactured.

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