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Bolo’bolo: 100% vegan 10/22/12

Take a trip out to Muizenburg and discover a quirky and cosy 100% vegan restaurant and alternative bookstore.

Owner Aragorn Eloff, who is behind this quirky and quaint restaurant, has carved out a piece of Cape Town devoted to his beliefs. Passionate about veganism, anarchism and a real-life social activist,  Aragorn has created bolo’bolo – a space serving 100% vegan food and home to poetry nights, film screenings, and talks covering everything from anarchism to urban gardening.

bolo'bolo plant-based and alternative bookstore

Q & A with Aragorn

What made you decide to open bolo’bolo?
I opened bolo’bolo because I felt South Africa needed its own anarchist infoshop. There are a number of these spaces dotted around the globe and they’re a great way to promote both veganism and anarchism. They also serve as a safe, supportive environment for animal activists, grassroots environmentalists and assorted freaks and radicals to get together to explore new ideas in a non-oppressive and anti-hierarchical space.

The thing you love most about bolo’bolo  is…the wide range of challenging conversations that unfold there; because we’re explicit about our values – whether it’s in the books and zines we stock, the way our menu is worded, the posters on our wall or the friendly, anti-authoritarian way we treat each other and our visitors – people feel like they can be open and honest about how they feel, how they experience the contemporary world and how they’d like to make a difference. It’s incredibly gratifying to see a bunch of regular-looking folks wander in for a coffee and then overhear them discussing the overthrow of capitalism or animal liberation twenty minutes later.

The most challenging thing about bolo’bolo is… keeping it open whilst simultaneously not compromising my values. I’m not in it for the money, but even anarchists have to pay the rent (until we’ve gotten rid of all private property of course!)

The most unexpected thing you’ve learnt is… that committed communities of trust, solidarity, friendship and resistance can form between the unlikeliest people in the unlikeliest of settings. bolo’bolo has already helped form some wonderful connections between people and even a couple of fledgling groups and projects. Who knows what the future holds?

About bolo’bolo
bolo’bolo is a cosy plant-based café and alternative bookstore / infoshop in the heart of Muizenberg Village, Cape Town.

They serve a variety of delicious and well-priced light snacks, nourishing meals, sweet treats, organic Fairtrade coffee, organic teas, smoothies, shakes and freshly extracted juices, all 100% animal-product free and all as local, organic and ethical as they can make them.

Through the power of tasty food, radical literature, art, events and community collaboration, they’re doing our small bit to build a new world in the shell of the old.

bolo'bolo plant-based cafe and alternative bookstore

Their vegan menu changes regularly and they also update their Facebook page with upcoming events and happenings often – but here’s a sample of the type of food you can look forward to:

- Meals & burgers -
Sprout sandwich: an abundance of sprouts, sun-dried tomatoes, homemade hummus and salad on rye or seed bread
The unbacon, lettuce and tomato. A plant-based BLT served with German mustard on a toasted sandwich
Hot seed toast with peanut butter or preserves. A quick post-coffee snack
The Nuer Burger: a falafel & aubergine patty on a sesame seed bun with hummus, lettuce, tomato, cucumber & mayonnaise
The Zomia Burger: a lentil, sundried tomato & basil patty on a sesame seed bun with hummus, lettuce, carrot, olives & sundried tomato pesto
The Ibo Burger: a butternut & spinach patty on a sesame seed bun with hummus, lettuce, tomato, caramelised onion & mayonnaise
The Guarani unchicken mango burger: a mock chicken patty on a sesame seed bun with mango atchar, onions, sweet pepper and lettuce
(In case you’re wondering, our burgers are all named after anarchic societies – communities who practice leaderlessness and egalitarianism!)
The Ifuago: a salad & unchicken ricepaper wrap with sprouts, avo and balsamic fig reduction
The Jivaro: a quinoa, berry and rocket salad with a creamy tahini-based goddess dressing (seasonal and gluten-free)

Vegan cupcakes at bolo'bolo plant-based cafe and alternative bookstore

Get in touch:
Tel: 082 557 3912

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bolo'bolo plant-based and alternative bookstore

bolo'bolo plant-based and alternative bookstore

bolo'bolo plant-based cafe and alternative bookstore

bolo'bolo plant-based cafe and alternative bookstore

All pics credited to bolo’bolo

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