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Food With A Story 05/03/11

A great local initiative worth taking a look at is Food With A Story - this is their story.

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Take a look at Food With A Story to find out what goes into the food that goes onto your plate…

This story is as, if not more, important than the end result arriving on your plate. This story can have a significant impact on your health, the health of the planet, the welfare of animals and the happiness of you and your fellow human beings. And, of course, this story is often a fascinating peek behind the kitchen curtain!

To us, good food means food that’s grown, made and shared with passion and care: for the process, the quality, the world, and the people that will eat it. And we’ve discovered there’s a lot of good food out there in South Africa. We want to encourage South Africans to seek out these good food experiences and make them part of their celebration of life.

Food With A Story is about those little gems that are often hidden away; tucked into the corner of some boutique deli or found only in some obscure corner of the country. Our aim is to get behind the scenes and bring you the facts behind the food. We want to meet the farmers, manufacturers and retailers in South Africa who are acting responsibly. We want to bring you their story, and make it easy for you to discover and purchase their products; to support those businesses that are supporting our country and our planet.

Through the website, we aim to bring you in-depth coverage of interesting and ethical food in South Africa. We will be covering all kinds of food, from interesting eateries to sustainable farming, enriching each story with photo’s and video.

The stories will be listed in our on-line directory allowing you to easily seek out good and interesting products. Over time, we aim to build this into a comprehensive catalogue of interesting and ethical food throughout South Africa. We’ll be continually building on our web site, adding exciting new features and integrating your suggestions.

Our weekly blog will cover food topics that fascinate us, food-adventures we’ve been on, places we’ve visited and interesting people we’ve met. We’ll also be reflecting on current topics like food prices and sustainable farming, or whatever gets us thinking at the time. And if we come across some ‘bad’ food stories? We’ll probably share those as well.

Who are we? Food With A Story was founded by Carlin Archer and Deni Bester. We love food – in particular food that’s ethical – and we believe that food just tastes better when it’s got a story. We’ve created this website because we want to make it easy for people to explore the best of South Africa’s good food culture.

But the real people behind Food With A Story are the farmers, the shop owners, the restaurants and the manufacturers who grow, make and sell all the amazing food we’ll be sharing with you.

And then there’s YOU. We’re hoping you will make use of our website to go on a food journey, to taste a little more, and a little better of what South Africa has to offer.

We want you to interact with this site – post your comments and photos on the forums, comment on the food stories and send us your suggestions. We’re calling on the dedicated foodies of South Africa – bloggers, chefs, connoisseurs and others – to get involved and share your knowledge. Help us foster a nation of good foodies!

So, please contact us with your suggestions – we really do want to hear from you! If you haven’t already done so, make sure you register to receive our weekly updates. Every week you’ll be updated on our latest blog, new food stories and any interesting activity on the chat forums.

Take a look at more here. Here at Veggie Buntch, we’ll be sharing the wonderful stories they share from time to time. Stay tuned!

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