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Green Resolutions 01/19/12

Meet the latest addition to Veggie Buntch - your very own green personal trainer. By Natasha Clinton.

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It is mid-January; life is working its way out of holiday mode and greeting reality with an enthusiasm born from our belief that this year will be THE YEAR!

What’s most noticeable though, is that the health and fitness fairy has everyone firmly in her grip. As you drive to and from work, you pass runners and cyclists who act as a reminder that you too need to break a sweat if you’re going to fit into those jeans again –  and forever after!

Then, as sure as eggs is eggs, it’ll be September and you’ll find yourself crash-dieting and conceding that the treadmill rules your social life.  And all of this, so that you can lie on the beach without turning blue as you hold in all those jiggly-bits that tell the tale of every pie and Coke you managed to inhale during a rushed lunch break. This is a cycle most of us are all too familiar with. We are creatures of habit after all, hear us roar…or rather pant and groan as we trudge up the hill.

Some say that a person’s willingness to take part in lifestyle changes that are more sustaining relates to the direct effect that the state of the earth has on them. Hence China, whose environmental quality is in dire need of change, have a population of which 98% are living green, whereas in South Africa people are still quite slow in gaining knowledge and exposure to sustainable living, as we continue to perceive our  South African air as clean and our environment as healthy. [Ed’s note: Take a look at the Green Gap between the U.S and China to see how the two nations differ in an interesting infographic.]

In the same way that we tend to only start changing our lifestyle once we are in the “comfortable pants” zone, it seems we only start to really commit to saving the planet once its deterioration passes a certain point and we feel the impact directly in our own lives.

The sad thing is there are no crash diets or exercise fads that will get Mother Nature looking as good as she did in her teens, so we need to start taking steps that will help maintain her current state and avoid slipping into a place of no return.

Often,  when this subject is raised, the most common objections to going green are: “It’s too expensive!”; “It’s just a fad”; “It’s too much effort”; or “I’ve heard it’s not really a problem because of (insert random “fact” here)!”

But, all of these objections can be easily dispelled through the guidance of individuals and organisations who have taken the time to investigate our current situation.  People who have become knowledgeable in the ways we can easily diminish our negative impact on the earth, saving ourselves a lot of hard work further down the line.

*Cue introductory music*

This is the point at which I’d like to present Michelle Thomas. Michelle is the owner of Build it Green, a green company that is enthusiastic about joining Veggie Buntch as a green “personal trainer”.  Michelle and her team are getting involved with the sole aim of guiding you through this transition, helping you do your part to keep Mother Nature at her best and prolonging her life.  Even if all you require is a surge of inspiration to get your green fingers motivated, we’ll be on call to help you out.

Not only will we be popping in at Veggie Buntch regularly to keep you motivated and well informed, but you can also a take a look at what we do over at builditgreen.co.za and the services and products we have to help make your green journey simpler.

For now however try stick to your New Year’s resolutions and remember….

Reduce, reuse and recycle!


Looking forward to joining you on this journey,

Natasha (Marketer and Draughtsman for Build It Green)

Do you have any green questions? Send an email to info@builditgreen.co.za and we’ll see what we can do!


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Arthiop April 11, 2012 Reply

Wow, interesting the difference between china and the US, i’d never have thought that they are so green focused.
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