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Harmless House 12/18/12

Buy cruelty-free with Harmless House, an online retailer who sell high-quality, ethically sourced personal care products.

From baby care, hair care to dental care and home care, Harmless House stocks a range of high-end personal care products. Harmless House has selected these brands because “they are harmless to the earth (biodegradable and green), harmless to animals (cruelty-free certified and vegan) and harmless to people (natural and organic), while still being of the highest quality.”

The founders of Harmless House say, “All of the brands we represent are cruelty-free certified, so the end user can be assured that neither the final product, nor any of its ingredients have been tested on animals.”

Find out more at

Thank you to Harmless House for contributing samples and a giveaway to Veggie Buntch readers at the final Veggie Buntch Supper Club of 2012.

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