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Kitchen Gadget: Biowashball 01/19/11

An innovative eco-friendly ball intended for laundry washing means you never have to spend money on detergent again.

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If you’ve read this recently-posted article on why vegans/vegetarians/anti-cruelty-to-animals supporters should not use fabric softener, then you may be thinking about alternate, ‘greener’ solutions to get your whites whiter.

The Biowashball is a new product that you can buy to replace washing powder and fabric softener, and cleans your clothes in the washing machine.

When I first heard about this ball, I was very skeptical. First, I found out how it works:

The ceramic beads inside the silicone casing emit certain ions that help in cleaning the clothes. It cleans the water and simultaneously the fabrics inside the machine.  The run-off water from the washing loads can be recycled in the garden, as it is natural and devoid of chemicals, which makes it a perfect bio, green product. Also, if you suffer from allergies, eczema or skin irritations because of laundry detergent, then you can use this product to eradicate that problem, as it doesn’t use any chemical in the cleaning process.  Clean clothes without the itch, so to speak! Interestingly, the ball can also be used to sanitise and remove any food odours in fridges.

It is quite pricey if you glance at the tag: A whopping R395! But, with a quick calculation on how much I save in the long run at best cast scenario of using a bag per month, detergent would cost me (without including fabric softener) for the year about R600.  I’m pretty chuffed saving about R200 per year!

So I emptied my wallet and put the ball to the test…. Now, after using the ball for a few months, I must just say, I heart my ball!  It cleans my clothes easily, I don’t ever buy detergent and even though I still have to pre-treat clothes for stains, it comes out clean and smelling like nothing: The way clean should smell! Although it doesn’t leave clothes cuddly-soft like fabric softener, it is a small price to pay knowing I’m contributing to a greener earth.

If you’d like to learn more ways of cleaning your dirty clothes without detergent, read this article on Epoch News where the author uses equally green soapnuts to lather up.

Biowashball: R395.00

To see a list of available outlets and learn more about the Biowashball, click here.

As a sidebar, I’ve seen Verimark is now selling a similar product for R99.  I am not sure how effective the Verimark ball is compared to the Biowashball and what the key differences are, if any.  Good luck!

Jacob’s Larder Healthshop
Western Cape
082 460 6618
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editor January 19, 2011 Reply

Ah! The Bio-wash ball. I saw it featured in Stuff magazine recently. I would love to sample one and give you feedback on how well it works for me. But judging by your account, it’s doing well.

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Roline January 19, 2011 Reply

My family uses it and so do some of my friends and we agree in unison: It is a winner! Would love to find out though if the Verimark product is a cheap imitation…!

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