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Kitchen Gadget: Herb scissors 11/19/10

A 5-blade herb-cutting scissors makes it easy to chop up chives. By Roline Bosch

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Another smart, yet simple, utensil in our kitchen gadget must-have series.

This time it is the 5-blade Herb Scissors which, as its name suggests, is used to cut herbs quickly and easily from stem to salad.  This scissor works especially well to cut chives, but I use it when I am harvesting all my herbs, from parsley to mint to chives.

The 5 blades work extremely well without being too sharp and scary – no Edward Scissorhands here.  Bunch up a couple of herbs and chop away after bringing them to your plate, and you’ll quickly realise how easy it is to chop up fresh herbs without being left with the stains on the cutting boards.  The lime-coloured grips are pretty and handle well in vigorous herb-cutting exercises.

The only down side is that if you are cutting flat leaves like Italian parsley, they can get stuck between the blades, which means that straight running water might not get it out so easily.

All-in-all I really love this neat utensil and it will make the perfect Christmas gift for all the herb-planting folk out there.

The 5-blade herb scissors retails for about R120 and can be bought from Yuppie Chef and specialised retail stores.

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editor November 19, 2010 Reply

This looks slightly scary, but I am sure it works well. Is it really worth R120 for a fancy pair of scissors though?

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Roline November 22, 2010 Reply

Although a nice-to-have, I can happily say it has made quite a difference to my herb-chopping experience. I often ask myself whether the expedition of buying a utensil that seems unnecessary is worth it, like, why should I buy a whisk if I can just use a fork when I get the same results? In the end, it’s a gadget to make your life easier, and it is a personal use choice what comes out tops when weighing up price versus ease of use. So far, no regrets about this scissors though!

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Rose February 16, 2012 Reply

where can I buy the yuppie chef 5 blade herb scissors from?
please can you get back to me ASAP still today

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Nichola June 18, 2013 Reply

Hi there. Please kindly advise which specialed retail stores in SA stock these 5 blade herb scissors?

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Hi there,

You can buy them online at Yuppie Chef:

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