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La Mouette Review 06/22/11

"La Mouette offers unbeatable value for money and theirs is arguably the best winter special around." By Marianna Herold

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Chef Henry Vigar

There has been lots of hype on twitter about La Mouette’s six course tasting menu – two for R240. Value for money doesn’t get much better than this.

La Mouette is housed in the old mayor’s house in Sea Point with seating in a beautiful courtyard as well as inside the house. This is where we found ourselves sitting cosily next to the fireplace. The décor is a mix of old and new with stunning old floor boards complemented by modern floral wallpaper.

To start the meal, we had very moreish cheese croquettes with spicy corn salsa. Delicious. Our second course was a white bean soup flavoured with a delectable thick tomato paste and truffle oil. To follow, we had a butternut ravioli cooked to perfection with some crisp fried (?) basil leaves. And the meal was rounded off by two amazing desserts (my kind of menu!). Apple jelly and custard foam was served in a shot glass topped with a freshly-made doughnut and a chocolate macaroon with almond ice cream – which still has me salivating!

With five out of six courses being vegetable-based, I think La Mouette is a great spot for vegetarians. The tasting menu can be adapted to vegetarians by substituting the standard main, which is lamb, with a vegetarian dish from the main menu. Butternut, beetroot and goat’s cheese raviolis as well as butternut and courgette korma were the options when we visited. Chef Henry is a keen advocate of local sourcing and hand selects most of the produce.

On the first visit we opted for the wine pairing for R180 per person (which compared to the food felt like a lot). Most of the wines were from Graham Beck or Villiera, which are both excellent wine producers. However with a tasting menu it would be great to sample something new and inspiring (it seems that the wines we got were different to the ones on the website which were still from big wineries). Service was good both times. The manager did a great job in taking care of us throughout the evening.

La Mouette offers unbeatable value for money and theirs is arguably the best winter special around. We were lucky enough to sample their May tasting menu as well, which was equally sublime. Excited to see what treats July will bring.
Email: reservations@lamouette.co.za

Tel : 021 433 0856

78 Regent Road

Sea Point

You can read more from Marianna at  Cape Town by Mouth.

[Ed’s note: After consideration following comments below, the piece has been edited and elements of the review not relevant to the ethos of this site have been removed.]


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4 Responses to this article

Editor: Laura June 23, 2011 Reply

This looks like a very good option for a veggie meal. I hope to check it out soon!

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Jodi Allemeier June 23, 2011 Reply

Would be nice to get some restaurant reviews by people who do not find lamb “comforting”…. feel free to post on SA Vegan Society facebook page or on our website forum to get reviews by people who are actually vegetarian or vegan. There are many very vegan friendly restaurants in CT and of course if its vegan, vegetarians can enjoy it too.

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Editor: Laura June 23, 2011 Reply

Hi Jodi. Thanks for the comment. You are completely right – this shouldn’t have been included in the review and I apologise for allowing that through in the piece. On the note of having all vegetarian contributors, I do believe that there are those who do eat meat, but nonetheless are supportive of vegetarianism and can still add their voice on what is good veggie food and what isn’t. I would also love to include many more reviews about vegan restaurants in and around Cape Town (and the world) and would be thrilled if more people shared their reviews to spread the word to others. From the beginning, Veggie Buntch has been focused on sharing knowledge to encourage a meat-free lifestyle, or at the very least a reduction in meat consumption. So come on vegans and vegetarians, share your favourite spots so we can share them too!

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Marianna June 26, 2011 Reply

Hi Jodi, Sorry for the slip up. I write reviews for my own non vegetarian site and modify them slightly. I did not notice the sentence, which I agree is not appropriate for this site. La Mouette is a lovely spot in any case. Well worth a visit : )

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