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Mount Nelson Supper Club 07/15/12

Take a look at the phenomenal food that we devoured at the latest Veggie Buntch Supper Club at the Mount Nelson. 100% vegan.

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Our second Veggie Buntch Supper Club was hosted by the Mount Nelson in Cape Town. After a successful evening at Catharina’s last month, I was very interested to see what the Mount Nelson would put together. While there was no doubt in my mind that Chef Rudi’s menu was going to be superb, as my previous experience at the Planet restaurant was excellent, the Supper Club evening exceeded my expectations.

Chef’s Table
What made the evening particularly interesting is that we ate in the kitchen of the Mount Nelson. The exclusive 10-seater Chef’s Table offers guests a unique opportunity to go into the belly of the Nellie. Here you get a glimpse of  a hotel kitchen at work. While a guest’s typical experience of the Mount Nelson is plush, luxurious and filled with soft-furnishings and warm wood panelling, when you venture into the kitchen you’re faced with hard steel and cold tiles. It’s quite something to enjoy a wonderfully prepared meal with a view of industrial-sized steel stoves and gleaming kitchen surfaces, watching the chef’s as they construct your food in front of your eyes.

Usually the 8-course Chef’s Table will cost between R700-R800. For the Veggie Buntch Supper Club, we got to experience a 6-course, totally vegan, totally surprising menu including delicious canapes, bubbly (Genevieve Blanc du Brut) , wine (Boschendal Chardonnay Pinot Noir and First Sightings Pinot Noir) and even a cup of coffee to round off the night for the outstanding ticket price of R400. We even got to take home our very own Chef’s Table apron.

What makes an experience like the Chef’s Table so delightful is the attention to detail and excellent service. From the beautifully printed menus and exquisitely plated courses to the friendly, knowledgeable explanations from sommelier Carl Habel and the various chefs who introduced each dish, the night was without fault.

Let’s take a look at the evening. If you’ve ever thought that being vegan means missing out – this should end the matter once and for all.

(Read Sarah Duff’s review on the Getaway blog as well as Jessy Lipperts experiences for other perspectives.)

Vegan canapes

The night starts with four delectable canapes. Take note of the tempura parsley leaf in the top right.

The Chef's Table at the Mount Nelson

The night begins in the belly of the Nellie.

Mushroom Terrine at the Veggie Buntch Supper Club

Vegan Mushroom Terrine

Beetroot ravioli

The chefs are hard at work preparing our vegan beetroot ravioli, filled with cashew nut cheese.

Vegan beetroot ravioli

You'd be mistaken to think these are beautiful flower petals - they're all beetroot! Vegan beetroot ravioli filled with cashew nut cheese.

Butternut tortellini

Butternut tortellini. This was a superb dish with creamy, rich textures highlighting a wide range of textures possible with the humble butternut. Also included a nutty hummus and spinach. I could eat this all day.

In the kitchen of the Mount Nelson

Our Jerusalem artichoke risotto being lovingly prepared in the kitchen.

Jerusalem artichoke risotto

Once again, the flavours of a single vegetable are revealed. Jerusalem artichoke risotto. So creamy! On top you'll see crispy bits of artichoke plus pickled artichokes too.

Brinjal parcels filled with quinoa and couscous served with scrumptious mushy peas

Brinjal parcels filled with quinoa and couscous served with scrumptious mushy peas and slow-roasted tomatoes.

Vegan dessert at the Mount Nelson, Cape Town

Dessert preparations.

Vegan chocolate dessert

Oh my. This is a chocolate tower of deliciousness paired with pear sorbet and puree. Drool...

Information on the Mount Nelson Chef’s Table
The Chef’s Table is a custom-designed, interactive culinary experience featuring the Mount Nelson’s finest cuisine and wines.

Guests are seated at an oak table in an alcove of the hotel kitchen, complete with an oversized mirror affording a perfect view of the chefs at work. The experience is presided over by the Mount Nelson’s Executive Chef Rudi Liebenberg and his team. Guests are able to watch the chefs prepare specific dishes and to discuss the recipe and the inspiration behind them.

The Chef’s Table is available for reservations seven days a week, for lunch and dinner, and caters for six to 10 people. Menus are designed on the day according to Chef Rudi’s choice of fresh seasonal and local ingredients.

The Chef’s Table is the perfect way to mark a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary or corporate celebration, and the menu can be customised according to the group’s preferences. A bespoke Chef’s Table dinner also makes an ideal gift for serious foodies.

For more details and to make a reservation:
call: +27 21 483 1948

Book for the next Veggie Buntch Supper Club at Azure Restaurant at the 12 Apostles
Email me on editor@veggie.buntch.net if you would like to secure your spot at the next event.

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