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Star Wars Vegetables 03/12/13

We chat to artist Nela Krzewniak about her delightful series of Star Wars inspired vegetable characters including Leek Skywalker and Chewbanana.

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Where did the idea for your Star Wars vegetables come from?

I think it was mid 2012 and I was browsing the internet and I came across an image of chewbroccoli (one of the characters of Grocery Store Wars, I remember seeing it years ago). I thought the mix between vegetables/fruits and Star Wars characters was fun and it inspired me to make a digital piece of chewbacca. I decided on a banana as I liked the name mash up. At first I never intended to go past Chewbanana, as it was mainly meant as silly fun and something to doodle. But after I showed it to my boyfriend he said I should make a series out of it.

How did you decide which fruit and vegetable matched which Star Wars character?

I came up with Chewbanana (he was the first one I made) because I just liked the way the two names sounded together and went from there. My boyfriend helped me with the other three names, we basically chose the names of fruits/vegetables that sounded best when combined with the original characters names. I still have a list of other name pairs that I didn’t turn into paintings yet, I might eventually go back to it and add to the series.

Which one is your favourite?

I think it has to be Leek Skywalker, because the name goes really well and I like the way it came out. I also like the Leia one, mainly because people are confused as to what it actually is, some say its a pear, some say it’s a pickle, it was actually meant to be a guanabana (soursop) but I think because it’s not a common fruit (and the lack of name on the actual picture) that’s where the confusion comes from.
But I like them all really!

How long did it take you to create these print?

Because they aren’t overly detailed they all took around 2-3 hours each, I never intended them to look very polished, I like the messy look (where you can still see brush strokes) hence why they didn’t take that much time.

Can people purchase prints? If so how?

I didn’t release them as prints because they fall under the category of fan art (deviantart actually doesn’t allow to sell prints of pieces listed as fan art). I am however open to commissions (more information can be found on my deviantart page for anyone who is interested.

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