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Stripping for PETA 10/25/10

Stars like Pamela Anderson get naked for a good cause.

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Pamela Anderson, who is not the first star to strip down to her birthday suit to draw attention to animal cruelty issues, was brought into the spotlight again with a PETA poster campaign which was banned in the most liberal of countries, Canada.

In the campaign in question, a photograph of Pamela in a tiny bikini, is covered in typical butcher’s markings “cutting” her body into various sections of meat with the line “All animals have the same parts” emblazoned across it.

Interestingly, the advert was banned in Montreal and labelled as sexist. In communications with PETA, Montreal City Commissioner Josee Rocheford said the ad “goes against all principles public organisations are fighting for in the everlasting battle of equality between men and women.”

In reply, PETA president Ingrid Newkirk defended the campaign by saying:

“Your body is something you should be able to use for anything that’s not harmful to anyone else. This is not harmful to anyone else. It’s in fact intended to stop harm to what Pam calls ’sisters under the skin’, which are the most exploited animals in the meat business – the females.”

Pamela Anderson has been active in campaigns against animal cruelty and in support of vegetarianism for years. She spoke at the Oxford Union early today and told the BBC. “We had a great talk it was wonderful.We were talking about the easiest ways to go vegetarian. I think we had a really profound effect on the audience.”

She appeared alongside Dan Mathews, PETA vice-president who said that bringing celebrities like Pamela onboard, they generate far more traffic and interest in the cause. Mathews was quoted saying, “If we had a graphic picture of an animal instead, people would look at it and then walk away. People are quite sensitive to these issues.”

Here are a few of other stars who support PETA by baring all in a very public forum.

The question is, do you think that this type of campaign works?
By Laura Cooke

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Laura Cooke is the editor and creator of the Veggie Bunch website and community.

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4 Responses to this article

Claire October 26, 2010 Reply

I am not a huge fan of PETA; I find them very militant and tend to use shock tactics to get their message across, instead of appealing to reason and common sense. Its very alienating and unhelpful. Unfortunately, if this was a different organisation, I wouldn’t be critical of such a campaign. But it just seems like another clichéd campaign by another radical group. And the ads themselves are not that great either (although, admittedly, Eva has a wonderful bum)

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editor October 26, 2010 Reply

I am not sure whether these ‘shock’ campaigns really focus attention on the issues, or whether they just focus attention on themselves. That said, perhaps the only way to get through to some people is by doing something drastic which could get them to start thinking about the issues…

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Roline.Bosch October 27, 2010 Reply

Shock tactics seem, well, tacky, but Peta’s campaigns always make me feel uncomfortable, which I suppose is what they are aiming to do.

In this case, I am quite disappointed that Peta follows the very unoriginal, objectifying and frankly, boring advertising angle ‘sex sells’ that we have come to expect from many popular American brands.

If I found the campaign sexy, I would only think, “Naked Eva. Yum”. The campaign has nothing to do with being vegetarian, only sex, and I think that makes the campaign disappointing. I think Pam’s ad is a little more acceptable regarding the issue, even though it still uses sex quite overtly.

If they have to go with the naked campaign, then I would love to see a fat, naked vegetarian celebrity featured for a change. Anyone else but a naked seductive woman. Now THAT would be a real shock!

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KaB October 27, 2010 Reply

@ Roline…Khloe Kardashian did this and she’s a little more on the curvier side of things…which I actually think is far more real and natural than the rest of the campaigns…here’s the link

It’s not to say it’s better but I got the point that PETA were trying to make! That being said, it is an unoriginal concept but unfortunately I think you’re right in that ‘sex sells’ and this is the route they’re going!

The campaign would work better if these personalities actually did more than just the shoot…whether that be supporting more campaigns or being a bit more voiceferous in the fashion and beauty industries! I’d like to see that happen to have a bit more oompf than just a photograph!

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