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The Curry Queen 07/25/13

Say hello to the beautiful Videhi Sivursan, a super-talented vegetarian chef who'll be sharing delicious vegetarian recipes with us.

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Videhi’s passion for food has taken her far and wide to explore flavours around the world. She understands that the distinguished vegetarian palate requires a level of sophistication to be satisfied – and she’s mastered this.

Over the years, Videhi has developed a tantalising, unique style of vegetarian cuisine. She recently won first prize in the national Expresso SABC 3/PnP Curry cook-off held at the Pick n Pay Good Food Studios in Sandton and also took first prize in the The Post Real Curry competition in 2009, among other awards. Videhi was also the winner of Mrs Personality 2010 in the Mrs India SA Beauty Pageant in 2010.

Videhi Sivurusan’s Creamy Spinach & Paneer Kofta Curry (recipe here) took top honours – beating all the other curries, even those featuring meat!

We chatted to Videhi to find out more about her:

1. How long have you been a vegetarian?
15 years

2. What’s the best part of been a vegetarian?
For me the best part is that it has opened me up in terms of putting myself out there to explore different foods, and flavours that this world has to offer.

3. Is vegetarian cooking hard?
Cooking in its entirety is not difficult at all. Variety is one of the biggest challenges that vegetarians face. As with non-vegetarian cooking, many tastes are acquired. You needs to open yourself up and train your palate to receive with love.

4. Why do you think non-vegetarians think vegetarian food is boring?
Very little care, thought and creativity is given to vegetarian dishes at restaurants. They are normally served as side dishes or there are just a few vegetables on the menu. Most of the time vegetables are steamed, over sweetened and flavour deficient. Even as a vegetarian I get bored with what is normally served at restaurants.

5. What’s your favourite winter comfort meal?
It has to be my soup, featuring greens and dumplings.

6. What are you hoping to share with our readers?
I would like to promote vegetarian food and encourage people to try different flavour profiles by introducing them to my dishes. I hope to share my experiences and welcome feedback! Vegetarian food is by no means boring –  which I will surely demonstrate. I would love to inspire and be inspired. May food always be the centrepiece and love that unites people globally.

Keep an eye out for her much-anticipated recipe book and the delicious recipes we’ll be sharing with readers.

Contact Videhi on

See Videhi in action at the Pick n Pay Curry Cook-off

• Read more about Videhi on the Pick n Pay website

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