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Marvellous Maharajah: Nice vegetarian options 10/03/10

The Maharajah restaurant on Kloof Nek, Cape Town, has tasty vegetarian dishes and decent prices.

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In South Africa, Indian food has become a popular option for restaurants. And while Indian food is welcomed by vegetarians, often the quality is not up to scratch.

From experience, often you are faced with luminous salmon-pink or cream-soda green curries, suspiciously sweet, sometimes laced with peas and carrots straight from a frozen vegetable packet. Not to mention hard, old paneer and overly oily naan bread.

That’s why finding an Indian restaurant that serves tasty dishes filled with fresh vegetables and a unique flavour and spiciness is a treat. And sometimes you stumble onto a small, reasonable priced gem of a restaurant – like the Maharajah.

The Maharajah Indian restaurant on Kloof Nek road in Cape Town doesn’t look like much. Set in a converted house, the entrance – on Woodside Road – takes you up a small set of very residential looking stairs and inside. Here you’ll find two rooms of tables in the house.  The front row of tables place you right up against the glass with a good view of the street. The decor is simple and unpretentious and the service good. From what I have seen, the restaurant itself is not often jam-packed with customers, but I imagine they have a thriving takeaway business.

The five vegetarian mains that are on the menu at the moment were all very good when I sampled them. From the vegetarian korma to the paneer and pea curry, all the vegetarian options were scrumptious and served with light and fluffy rice. You can also order rotis, poppadums and a variety of side dishes.

I have included a copy of their takeway menu, the restaurant has the same dishes – but eating in the restaurant is cheaper. For example the main dishes are R6 less.

The Maharajah is definitely worth a try for some decent vegetarian curries. Just beware that  if you ask for “hot”, you should prepare to experience some very serious burn. I would suggest sticking with mild as this is one place that is not afraid of turning up the heat.

To get in touch, contact the Maharajah on + 27 (0)21 424 6607 or just drop in on Kloof Nek – opposite Rafikis.

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Quality of food
Value for money
Variety of choice
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