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Veggie-bashing Ramsay 06/30/11

Gordon Ramsay's offensive and outrageous vegetarian-bashing antics.

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Everyone knows that Gordon Ramsay is not the nicest person around, and today The Guardian published a piece highlighting some of his most outrageous moments.

While he has always capitalised on being offensive… these two really take the cake.


Ramsay’s antipathy towards vegetarians is well documented. In 2003, when Ramsay was asked about his most recent lie, he replied: “To a table of vegetarians who had artichoke soup. I told them it was made with vegetable stock when it was chicken stock.” He followed this up by feeding meat to a vegetarian during National Vegetarian Week. Passers-by were invited to sample pizzas at a struggling Italian restaurant and, when one of the volunteers mentioned that he had been a vegetarian for eight years, Ramsay offered him a slice of “special veggie pizza”. After he had eaten it, Ramsay told him – wait for it – that the pizza had ham on it! Ramsay was then filmed laughing and telling the restaurant’s chefs they had “converted a vegetarian”. As the volunteer hurried away, Ramsay called out after him, “Good luck with the Vegemite!” Hold on to your sides.

Slaughtering pets

Having called on David and Victoria Beckham to help him rear some lambs for The F-Word, which were then filmed being stunned with 200 volts of electricity before having their throats cut, he later slaughtered his children’s pet pigs Trinny and Susannah. Viewers watched as the 24-month-old pigs were electrocuted, shackled by the hind legs and hoisted to the ceiling to have their throats slit. Then they were plunged into a scalding tank, shaved, disembowelled and hung in a meat store. That’s entertainment! Ramsay didn’t exactly help matters by shooting and skinning a reindeer at point-blank range. At Christmas. RIP Rudolph.

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2 Responses to this article


This guy is so cruel. I wonder if he is as self-destructive as he is destructive towards others. Probably.

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blackwingsblackheart November 6, 2012 Reply

Cruel isn’t the word for it; I’d say he’s a clinical–as opposed to recreational ;-)–sadist. With the pizza stunt, what he actually did was violate someone’s boundaries and personal choice. It’s an indication of major anger issues. Also, a parent killing a child’s pet is a primary warning sign of psychological abuse, regardless of whether it’s a dog, a rabbit or a pig. He can dress it up any way he likes, as “nature’s way” or “realism” or what have you, but it’s obvious he gets off on this kind of behavior. Question is, how far will he escalate before the law gets involved?

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