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Wednesday Round Up 01/05/11

Vegetarian bits and bobs in the news around the world.

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Hot, cheesy nachos, green curry fried rice and juicy, pan-fried momos … CNNGo reader Shivya Nath tours some of Singapore’s most delicious meat-free cuisines
By Shivya Nath

Now that Christmas is over and all the new year feasts done away with, it’s time to embrace a greener diet.

While finding a satisfying vegetarian meal can be a challenge, here are some kind-to-your-wallet, all-embracing cuisines for a great vegetarian meal in Singapore…

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By Kay Stepkin, Special to Tribune Newspapers

You are what you eat. It’s really true. You are the sum of all those things you put in your mouth. Those potato chips you consumed? They may be residing as fat around your middle. The blueberries, carrots, broccoli? They may be warding off germs and helping you to avoid chronic diseases.

Best-selling “Chew on This” authors Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson say it this way: “The food you eat enters your body and literally becomes part of you. … It helps determine whether you will enjoy a long, healthy life or die young.”

The good news about this is that diet is something each of us can control for ourselves and our family. And, because so many people are jumping on the “eat better” bandwagon, it’s becoming easier to do.

There are those who have gone whole hog without the hog and call themselves vegetarian and those who, stricter yet, have cut all dairy products as well as animal proteins and call themselves vegan.

But a new name has emerged for those who don’t want to nix meat 365 days a year but are part of the Eat-Less-Meat Movement. They are calling themselves by this moniker that hasn’t even made it into merriam-webster.com yet: flexitarian.

Some also are promoting Meatless Monday. Epicurious.com, a food and cooking Web site, is calling Meatless Monday one of the top 10 trends for 2011. Now global as a result of the Internet, the Meatless Monday movement is influencing millions and has been embraced by top chefs, authors, health advocacy organizations, and business and consumer groups.

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Back in October ’09, actress Hilary Swank inspired a bunch of comments on the ‘razz after she told Marie Claire magazine that she gave up her 18-year vegetarian diet because she believed it wasn’t healthy.

“I just started withering away. I wasn’t getting enough vitamins or protein. (It was) very emotional.”

Back then, we thought those comments were a little odd — since Swank had been a vegetarian for 18 years without any apparent difficulties. Why the sudden shift?

We now have the answer. In an interview with You magazine, Swank says it was mercury poisoning that caused her to decline in health following her role in “Million Dollar Baby”.

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