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Cupboard Essentials 11/06/10

Laura Cooke looks inside her kitchen and takes a peek at what every vegetarian should always keep on hand.

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There are certain staples that most people keep on hand to make sure that even if they don’t have time to go to the shops, they will still be able to whip up something decent for dinner.

I decided to take a look at what I generally keep in my cupboard as a vegetarian and thought it would be an interesting discussion to find out what others think are their bare “essentials”.

  • Canned

Chopped tomatoes, tomato and onion mix, chickpeas, kidney beans, and occasionally some chakalaka or atchar

  • Dry goods

Bread, pasta, rice, couscous, muesli, potatoes, sweet potatoes, sunflower seeds, nuts, and lentils

  • Oils and sauces

Olive oil, soya sauce, tabasco, and balsamic vinegar

  • Fresh

Veggies: Onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, baby marrows, carrots, mushrooms, sprouts, and salad leaves

Fruit: apples, bananas

  • Spices

Salt, pepper, garam masala, turmeric, dried chilli, coriander, italian herbs, and mexican spice mix

  • Dairy

Milk, cheese, and plain/bulgarian yoghurt

With this relatively short list of ingredients, it is possible to make an enormously wide variety of meals with completely different flavours and textures. From creamy potato bakes to fresh stir fries and warm hearty stews, I think this simple list would keep you well fed for months.

But, perhaps there a few items that other vegetarians can’t live without?

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Laura Cooke is the editor and creator of the Veggie Bunch website and community.

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4 Responses to this article

Kobie November 7, 2010 Reply


Sounds like my cupboard, except I can’t live without baked beans :>

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Roline November 8, 2010 Reply

Don’t forget peanut butter… It’s delicious, and a fantastic source of protein. My cupboard is never without it – love to have it on buttery toast – that’s dinner done!

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Claire November 8, 2010 Reply

I also love peanut butter. For the veggies that eat honey, it’s another good one to have – especially for delicious smoothies and rooibos tea. It is also a great anti-biotic so good for when you feel a cold coming on.

I always keep a can of ratatoullie and mexican mix. This first is great as a pasta sauce and the second is great for mexican dishes (wraps, nacho’s etc).

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Emma March 25, 2013 Reply

I also can not live without Hard Tofu, Halloumi, saltanas, Oats, Dark chocolate (vegan) & honey!

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