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I’ll Take 5 Please 11/08/10

Kath Fourie shares a great idea for meat eaters who don't know what to feed their vegetarian friends. Hello Sandwich Brinjal.

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Meat eaters often struggle to come up with nice food options for their vegetarian friends. Take for example, lunch time. While the omnivore friend is hauling out the Black Forest ham or the cold roast chicken, the vegetarian will usually be left with cheese and tomato. Ooh. Thrilling. But there are ways to ‘meat up’ your veggie friend’s selection when they stop over for a quick bite that are super easy to whip up. And of course if you’re a veggie who lacks inspiration, this one is good to remember when your long-expired hummus is staring benevolently at you from the depths of the fridge. Enter the cousin of sandwich ham…Sandwich Brinjal!

Brinjals (eggplant, aubergine) are plump vegetables with exotic colouring. They are delicious when cooked correctly, but can be watery and bitter if you don’t cook them the right way. Hence they are treated with trepidation by a lot of people. This is one way to cook ’em that you can’t mess up (touch wood, because if you do there may be no hope for you anyway).


1 x big fat purple brinjal, try and find a nice broad one.

Mixed herbs, salt & pepper, olive oil.


Wash the brinjal and cut off the green stem part. Slice length ways into slivers about half a centimeter thick. If some are a bit thicker or thinner that’s fine.

Sprinkle with salt and leave them to sit for ten minutes. Rinse off the now watery salt.

Haul out a griddle pan (one with lines in the bottom, you can use an ordinary pan but these really do make a big difference in the end result). Heat it up on the stove top at a high heat, and lay the wet brinjals in the pan. Let the water be sizzled away off each piece and take them out the pan. This will prevent spattering when you use the olive oil in the next step.

Add a good splosh of olive oil to the pan, let it heat up and then lay the brinjal slices into the pan again. Sprinkle mixed herbs, salt and pepper on the pieces and let them fry for a good while, then turn over. You want the brinjal to turn translucent, taking on a golden-brownish hue with fat griddle stripes.

When you’re satisfied with your plate of steaming brinjal slices, you now have the main additive for your sandwich. Cut open a crusty roll, smear on some goats cheese, tuck in good wad of new rocket and lovingly place your yummy brinjal into it’s new home. Then devour it. It categorically does not disappoint if you eat it this way.

PS…Another option is to add these slices onto a pizza, astoundingly awesome with a teaspoon of red onion marmalade on top.

Text and images by Kath Fourie

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