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G is for Green Juicing 01/06/12

10 reasons why you should turn your veggies into slurpable green juice, packed with super nutrients. By Peter and Beryn Daniels.

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Greens are an entire food category on their own. Not simply iceberg lettuce or garnish, the green leafy veg category is made up of salad leaves of all variety; rocket, spinach, kale, herbs such as parsley, sorrel, mint, weeds such as dandelion, nettle and clover. This list is indeed vast. Green leaves are incredibly high in micronutrients and trace minerals making them super nutritious and therapeutic in our diets.

 One of the easiest and tastiest methods of getting more green into our bodies is through green vegetable juicing.

10 Reasons to Juice:

  • 1.  Cleansing and Alkalising

Green leafy vegetables and grasses are the most cleansing and alkalising to the body. By juicing them you are giving your body what it needs to balance your PH level and keep you in optimal health.

  • 2. Enzymes

Freshly extracted juices are the best source of live enzymes.

  • 3. Nutrients, vitamins and minerals

Juiced vegetables provide your body with high amounts of absorbable chlorophyll, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and phyto-nutrients.

  • 4. Easier to digest and absorb

Juicing takes the strain off the digestive system. By extracting the juice from the fibre, juicing pre-digests the fruits and vegetables for you, making the nutrients more readily available for easy absorption. Fibre in the diet is important though, so drink your vegetables and eat your fruit.

  • 5. Easier to consume

Years of eating nutritionally deficient food means that a lot of alkalising green foods are needed to re-balance our bodies. We couldn’t eat enough greens to address this imbalance. Juicing provides a simple and effective way to get maximum goodness into the body without having to graze on grass all day long.

  • 6. True hydration

The planet is over 70% water and so are our bodies. Our blood consists of around 94% water. Foods in their natural and raw state have a high water content. By drinking these water-rich fruit and vegetable juices we can ensure and enjoy proper hydration.

  • 7. Antioxidants

Green juice provides the body with huge amounts of antioxidants. Antioxidants fortify our immune systems and stop our bodies rusting from the inside-out.

  • 8. Delivers oxygen to your cells

When our bodies are acidic the red blood cells clump together and oxygen cannot get to all the cells. Juicing alkalises the blood so that the red blood cells can flow freely once again and deliver oxygen to each and every cell in your body. When your body is charged with oxygen your mind is clear and sharp and you feel energised.

  • 9. Disease prevention

It is no coincidence that strong therapeutic green vegetable, sprout and grass juices form the cornerstone of every successful disease prevention centre and clinic around the world.

  • 10. Calming

The magnesium and chlorophyll in green juices soothes and calms the nervous system and minimises stress in the body.

For more on raw food, check out more posts by Peter and Beryn.

Peter and Beryn are both UK-trained, Raw Food Chefs working towards raising raw food consciousness in South Africa. For more information about green juicing, raw foods, juicers and healthy living visit www.rawlicious.co.za. The Rawlicious, recipes for radiant health recipe book has a whole chapter dedicated to juicing and green juicing. The Rawlicious, Elements for radiant health 4-part DVD-course includes juicing demonstrations as well as many other healthy lifestyle recipes, interviews, tips and information.

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