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Jamie goes veg 09/18/10

Jamie Oliver has announced that he will be launching a completely vegetarian cookbook! Fantastic.

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If you’re like me, you’ve probably found yourself getting secretly irritated by watching cooking shows which are heavy on meat and low on vegetarian inspiration. Celebrity chefs may have fabulous cookbooks, but there is something frustrating about having to sift through the index for the few veggie dishes hidden here and there.

That’s why it was great to learn that Jamie Oliver has announced that he will be launching a completely vegetarian cookbook! Fantastic.

Take a look at his interview with the Huffington Post to hear more about what he had to say on the matter.

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editor September 24, 2010 Reply

Jamie Oliver may be bringing out this new vegetarian cookbook, but throughout his career, he has come under fire from animal right’s groups for a number of incidents including: castrating a bull on air.
I was quite disappointed by an episode of “Jamie saves our bacon”, which is all about improving on the state of pig’s welfare. However, during the show he brought a fully grown male pig in front of a live studio audience to demonstrate how semen is procured. Amid laughter from the audience and Jamie, I didn’t feel that this showed a lot of respect for the animal in the slightest.

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wescapes October 1, 2010 Reply

that is shocking! thanks for sharing – I didn’t even know this. Boycotting the man from now on!

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KaB October 11, 2010 Reply

He may have come under fire throughout his career but where this has happened, he has proven humble and admitted his mistakes. He has also done right but making change thereafter…for example, he cooked with Bluefin Tuna and was slated because this species is currently over fished and near extinction…he apologised for his actions and has never (and I would go so far as to say will never) cook with this ingredient again. Of course, he should have been smart and thought about this prior to cooking the meal but you can’t berate someone who has tried to make a difference where possible. I think someone like him, who has such a huge following globally, should be approached more and more by animal activists and organisations to promote awareness about cooking with animal products/ by products, how it’s done and what it involves!

Not sure if you ever saw Gordon Ramsay’s show re: Trinny and Susasanah…he hand reared and raised two pigs and made his children get involved in the process as well. He went on to teach them about the origins of pork, chicken, and beef that they find on their plate and taught them the ethics behind it…he saw the process through to slaughtering the pigs himself – it was quite emotional on his part and for a while he realised what eating meat meant etc etc. My point is, if these global chefs who have such a huge following can make the effort to be part of creating awareness and in promoting healthier eating (free range/ organic etc) then I think you may see change in the way people choose what they eat.

Boycotting isn’t the solution either…as said earlier, these people are global icons in the culinary world, they need to help make change and if approached, as Jamie was re: the tuna, and if they make a positive change moving forward, then great…let’s beef up the promoting and create more awareness about the global food industry!

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editor October 11, 2010 Reply

Thanks for the interesting response. I agree with you that it is quite easy to focus on the things that these celebs do wrong, when you are right, they can be a powerful force for good.

However, the particular show I saw, displayed such disrespect towards the poor piggy, that it seems that for all the celebrity posturing, they may not always be quite as “good” and wholesome as they make out.

But as you said, it’s about awareness and helping others to become more conscious consumers.

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KaB October 15, 2010 Reply

It was awful for the pigs, agreed, but at least the kids aren’t naive anymore…it was quite amusing and enlightening watching them realise the bigger picture! All kids should be taught the exact same principle! I bet you’d have more vegetarians and animal rights activists roaming around…perhaps, I may even be so bold as to say that the food industry, what with factory farming and the like, would not be as advanced or as highly in demand should children be educated about where, how and what the food on their plates involve!

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