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Oatie-Porridge Cookies 11/22/10

Kath Fourie has invented a delicious, new recipe: the Oatie-Porridge Cookie!

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When I make oatmeal porridge, it is a prerequisite that I make too much. No matter how perfectly I measure the oats to the water, I wind up with an unappetising cup full of cold gloop in the bottom of the pot. It stares at me with ferocious glee, so happy that I will have to scrape it into the bin or feed it to the birds. But things have changed in my kitchen, oh yes. I have looked to my great Scottish ancestors (that I don’t actually have but like to imagine) for inspiration and I have invented the Oatie-Porridge Cookie!

I must say, I am tending to whip up oats for breakfast more often than needed now just to have the excess as an excuse to make cookies, because they taste darn good with a cup of coffee. You can mix and match different ingredients depending on your whim for the day, but this is the recipe I used for my first batch.

The aim was to create a low-fat, healthy alternative to regular cookies; something along the lines of a cereal bar and I reckon these are pretty good in that regard. However, if you’re not scared of expanding waistlines feel free to rock the chocolate chips!

Ingredients – 12 cookies

1 cup of cooked oatmeal porridge

1 egg

½ cup ordinary flour (you should add more if your oats are not stodgy already. If you want them to be more fluffy, use self-raising flour instead)

1 – 2 tablespoons of brown sugar (sweeten to your taste buds, if the fruit you’re adding is sweet enough then leave it out altogether)

2 tablespoons mixed cranberries and almonds

4 pieces preserved ginger chopped up (or you can grate a knob of fresh ginger instead)


Mix the porridge, egg and flour together. Add the cranberries, nuts and ginger. The consistency should be gummy so that it sticks to the teaspoon. Now you can add sugar but I would taste the mixture before chucking it all in, some people like it sweet and others not so much!

I used a mini-cupcake tray to make these cookies, but you could pour the mixture into a baking dish and cut it up ‘crunchie’ style when it’s cooked. Grease your chosen bake-ware, spoon in the mixture and pop it in the oven at 180 C until done (+- 20 mins).

Alternative ingredients:

Green pumpkin seeds, peanuts, raisins, currants, Turkish apricots, grated apple, chocolate chips, coconut, dried figs, cheddar cheese…

Text and Images Kath Fourie

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editor November 22, 2010 Reply

These look scrumptious. What a clever way to re-use rather than throw away the sad leftovers of morning porridge!

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kb April 12, 2013 Reply

Thank so much. Had same leftover dilemma and knew there had to be a way. Wanted to do date biscuits. Was going to experiment with quantity but your recipe sounds spot on.

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