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The Flying Pan reviewed 08/18/16

Get healthy vegetarian food delivered to your door - available in Cape Town City Bowl and southern suburbs

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One of the challenges of eating healthy food is that I’m often too lazy to prepare good food at home. This means I end up eating far too many takeaways and quick meals while working in the office. Likewise, easy access to takeaways and home delivery in the Cape Town City Bowl means that the temptation to indulge on quick, greasy and generally junk meals is high.

When The Flying Pan got in touch and asked whether I’d be interested in reviewing their vegetarian food dinner delivery service for Veggie Bunch I was thrilled. No more thinking about meals for a few days! Although marketed as a dinner delivery service, I took advantage of the meals for office lunches. They deliver to the City Bowl and the southern suburbs.

Here are the top 5 things I enjoyed about The Flying Pan.

1. The variety

Every day features a different meal, varying from breyani to vegetable skewers, and there’s a pleasing variety of options to choose from featuring everything from Italian to Thai. The meals I sampled were:

  • Chickpea and Lentil Breyani – Featuring braised chickpea and lentil breyani served with basmati rice and potatoes, topped with a dollop of yoghurt and fresh coriander. This was my definite favourite.
  • Linguine Al Fungi – Linguine pasta tossed in a creamy mushroom sauce, topped with fresh rocket. Hearty and filling.
  • Vegetable Skewers  – A tasty dish of veggie skewers on a bed of rice, all smothered in peanutty satay sauce. In Indonesia, they call a similar dish Gado-gado and it’s delicious. Another very generous portion, packed with long-stemmed broccoli, peppers, mushrooms and chard.
  • Mexican-style Vegetables – A substantial and filling chunky baked Mexican vegetable dish.

The menu changes weekly so you’re unlikely to get bored.

2. The portion size

The meals come in very generous portion sizes. You potentially could share some of the more carb-heavy meals between two – especially if you’re looking for a light office lunch.

3. The price

The price, including delivery, for the vegetarian dishes is competitive considering what food costs at restaurants and smaller takeaway spots in the city. The average price per meal is R60 – I think that’s great value for what you get.

4. It’s easy to order

The website is simple to use and well designed. Just select the dishes you want from the weekly menu and you’re all set. You can pay online with SnapScan, Payfast, EFT or pay cash on delivery.

5. It’s healthy

The food tastes like it’s made at home. And with home-cooked goodness comes lots of fresh whole vegetables and no processed ingredients. Which is exactly what they’re trying to achieve: “The Flying Pan sets out to offer a complete dinner time solution, by creating healthy and delicious home-style dishes and delivering them straight to people’s doors. Quite simply, the service provides all the benefits of home cooking, without the fuss.” I added some salt to suit my taste as the meals were not overly salty – but that’s a good thing!

All the meals are prepared fresh every day by owner and qualified chef Mathew Hoepner.

Take a look at and test them out for yourself.


Linguine Al Fungi


Veg breyani


Vegetable skewers

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