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The Kitchen 05/18/11

The Kitchen in Woodstock, Cape Town is a must for vegetarians.

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The Kitchen in Woodstock: A vegetarian's delight

The varied and interesting menu changes daily

The Kitchen is a gem tucked away in an industrial corner of Woodstock. Apart from some galleries and Banks kitchen shop, this area hardly features on most people’s radar. For vegetarians however, The Kitchen makes it a must visit.

The Kitchen is in a teeny tiny space oozing with warmth and quirky yumminess that spills right out onto the street. Guests sit at a narrow communal table and two outside tables. The walls are adorned with cups, old cake moulds and random kitchen paraphernalia. Even the food is served on mismatched vintage plates.

The highlight of any visit is the counter which is heaving with salads. And by salads, I don’t mean the bland bowls of crisp lettuce, chunks of raw onion and grated carrots that you are served in too many places to name.

The wonderful salad selection

The Kitchen’s salads are delicious and inventive combinations that give centre stage to their key ingredients: the vegetables. Chickpea and butternut squash with cinnamon, wholewheat and mushroom, baby spinach with dukkah’ed goats cheese, lentil and aubergine just to name a few.

There were about 10 options when we visited and the menu changes daily. And if you have a meat eater you’d like to take along, don’t worry. You can add a slice of ham or chicken for an extra R5. Value for money is unbeatable. R40 per plate for a selection of six salads. The Kitchen also offers a wonderful variety of baked goods and sandwiches finished off with “love potion”.

The service was enthusiastic and charming.

The kitchen has been open for two years and the queue winding itself onto the street tells you that word has spread (It was also reviewed in the New York Times). The lovely Karen Dudley also does catering.

Get in touch
Location: 111 Sir Lowry Rd, Woodstock
Tel: 021 462 2201
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Thanks to Marianna for sharing her review. Read more at her blog, Cape Town by Mouth.


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Editor: Laura May 19, 2011 Reply

Looks fantastic. I am definitely going to check it out.

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David January 29, 2014 Reply

Funny you say this. I love their sandwiches but am often turned off visiting The Kitchen because of the meaty smell from the bacon and other meats they are often busy grilling and frying in the space. Very meatish in the nose.

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Laura Cooke – Editor February 13, 2014 Reply

Similarly, I was so put off by the meat smell and butchery at Publik Wine Bar in the CBD that we went elsewhere. I should have known better though as it’s a spinoff of Frankie Fenner’s Meat Market.

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